Zero Configuration JavaScript Bundler

build/er/z is built originally to bundle monorepos, expanded later to cover more build cases with a wide variety of options. It implements rollup, taking advantage of its simplicity and customization to build one-step production bundler.


npm install builderz

Easy to use

"build": "builderz"

Easy to customize

In your packages.json to compile to a CommonJS module (cjs) and minify the bundle just pass the required arguments.

"build": "builderz --formats=cjs --minify"

Or in a package.json file

"name": "my-package",
"version": "0.0.1",
   "formats": ["cjs"],
   "minify": true,

Of course you cane import it as build package somewhere in your project:

const builderz = require("builderz");

// Multi-word options are camel-cased. Pass list as array.
const options = {};



  -m, --minify <boolean>       Minify bundle works only if format is provided (default: false)
  -p, --sourcemap <boolean>    Enable sourcemap in output
  -c, --camel-case <boolean>   Add camel-cased output file (default: true)
  -l, --clean-build <boolean>  Clean previous build folder (default: false)
  -t, --strict <boolean>       Enable Strict Mode (default: false)
  -r, --sort-pkg <boolean>     Enable sorting packages for monorepo (default: true)
  -d, --es-module <boolean>    Define Property exports- es_model (default: false)
  --formats <list>             Specific build format (default: [])
  --build-name <string>        Specific folder build name (default: "dist")
  --output <string>            Custom output name
  --pkg-paths <list>           Provide custom paths not in the root/src (default: [])
  --pkg-names <list>           Building specific package[s], in workspace (default: [])
  --alias <list>               Package Alias (default: [])
  --entries <list>             Add multi entries instead of default src/index. (default: [])
  --banner <string>            Add banner to output
  --external <list>            Passing external libraries not to bundle
  -h, --help                   display help for command


npm test


This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License