You cache the results you know when to flush’em

npm install cache-result

It deals with nested cache without taking size into consideration. Instead, you decided what part of caching is not related anymore and what part should be preserved.


const cache = require("cache-result");

const { set, get, clear } = cache();

Each function take object input:

set({ branch, key }, result)

get({ branch, key })

clear({ branch, key })

To delete the whole branch pass clear({ branch }) without key

const cache = require("../src");

const { set, get, clear } = cache();

set({ branch: "foo", key: "hello" }, "sunshine");
set({ branch: "bar", key: "by" }, "sunset");

get({ branch: "foo", key: "hello" }); // sunshine
get({ branch: "bar", key: "by" }); // sunset

clear({ branch, "foo" });
get({ branch: "foo", key: "hello" }); // null
get({ branch: "bar", key: "by" }); // sunset


npm test


This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License